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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Coke Grips on Ebay

Some gold that can occasionally be found at gunshows and on pawn shop revolvers is in the form of original S&W "Coke bottle" grips. These grips have a palm swell that fits the hand much the same as a Hogue grip. "Cokes" first appeared in late December, 1955 when the first 44 Magnum was shipped on December 29th to R. H. Coleman of Remington Arms Company. Grips with the "pronounced" coke bottle shape are seen through 1957 and into early 1958. After this time, the coke bottle shape is less pronounced, but still apparent. Stocks shaped like this were fitted on Model 29s and 57s through about 1966, but the coke bottle shape had all but disappeared by this time. Many collectors still refer to them as coke bottle stocks.
A very nice pair of "Cokes" is up for bids on ebay right now. They are at US $255.00 with 2 days 17 hours left to go on the auction. Finding a pair in the dusty grip box at a gun show can make the most jaded gunnie smile.

Final price: US $407.00



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