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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not Again.........

I thank God today that the weather is unseasonably cool. The control panel on the air conditioner fried. Last summer, I went through the same thing. This time, it looks like a new control panel will be over-nighted and installed in the AM. I'm trying to stay cool and keep the fish alive until then. Water temp in the tanks in 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal is 78. Marine fish are very susceptible to heat, as they have an entire ocean to find the optimal temperature. In a tank, they don't have that option. Distilled water frozen into ice in zip lock bags is doing the trick for now.....

Until tomorrow it's windows open, fans on, lights out, and a sprinkler on the roof.

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Blogger Justin said...

Here's a prayer that those tanks stay cool! On the other hand, I've heard of people keeping their tanks in the low 80's...but that's on the internet, so who knows ;)

10:31 AM  
Blogger nature223 said...

you might was to get a back up big ass wall unit for times like this Xav...
Sears would LOoooooove for you get one of the credit cards,the price for a very decent wall unit..about three hundred..the max credit on a NEW sears card??
about three hundred...HMMMmmmmm
I have one of their wall units and it's been buzzing along happily through cold ass winters(cover inside of course),and wailing along in sticky mid atlantic summers,and never worrying about it,with the best warrentee in the business if it goes south....give that a go,and you'll never fear the central unit going kablooie

1:59 PM  

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