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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Raleigh Tourist on ebay

A Raleigh Tourist is up for bids. The Tourist was styled after the British Bobby's bike. It has a laid back head tube and seat tube, effectively making it a "feet forward" type of velocipede. It has roller lever brakes, 20/30 steel lugged frame, a three speed Sturmey Archer rear hub, full fenders, and 28 inch tires.

The seller says:
"This is the style of bike everyone is riding these days they have made a come back as they are very fun to ride. They are making brand new bikes with this style. Why ride imitations when you can ride the real thing.

If you are reading this you must be in the know about these terrific “Bobby Bikes”. The standard for cobblestone riding, copied all over the third world, almost indestructible- but more important because of the unique frame geometry, these bicycles give a stately perfect ride. There is nothing like the Roadster ride. Just google and look at the fine site at OLDROADS.com (Roadsters) or "retro raleighs" for more information. They are heavy but ride beautifully- the opposite of a twitchy road bike. And much much cooler than a mountain bike, but still able to go through potholes or up curbs with aplomb.

These are simply put the coolest city bikes to be had. A great ride and incredible looks- And also because of the 28” wheels- not on bicycle thieves wavelengths."

He's right.

Starting bid: US $49.99

Winning Bid: US $585.77



Anonymous Timmeeee said...

Ever seen one of these?


6:31 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Now *that* is a beautiful bike.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Reno Sepulveda said...

Ahhh but my heart is set on one of those Retrovelos.
I've borrowed my brothers WalMart grade mountain bike to pedal around untill I can raise the scratch.

8:18 PM  
Blogger lee n. field said...

Shaft drive?

5:21 PM  
Blogger Lunatic Biker said...

Wow, one of the guys on the Hiawatha Ride was riding the same bike yesterday. It was in new condition. I bet that one is worth a bundle.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous scatterbrain said...

Wow, that takes me back. Back in 1975 I graduated from elementary school in NJ and my stepfather bought me a new Raleigh Tourist. I rode it a lot, but after I went off to college I hardly touched it except to put it into the various moving trucks I've encountered through my life. I traded it in at a bike shop in Northern Colorado to someone who had it shipped off to Europe. It was in fantastic shape, except for a broad dent in the rear rim from some curb-hopping (kids will be kids) and a scuffed rear fender top from the huge vinyl seatbag rubbing on it. I still remember the serial #: NN4368999. Somewhere it's out there...

7:11 PM  

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