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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pedaling Again

The weather was fair today and I could finally bike it to work again. Rather than appreciating the luxury of air conditioned comfort, I had longed for the freedom of the bike for the past two days. The pre-dawn trip to work, when the streets are deserted is the best. If it wasn't for the perceived urgency to get to work, I would just cruise around a while at that time.

When I left work, the sun was shining, the roads were warm and the air was fresh. Perfect for a ride. The $30 Raleigh was a smooth runner and the knobby tires hummed as I sped home through the sultry heat. Tomorrow we only have a slight chance of thunderstorms, so I am looking forward to riding again. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

When I got home, my Specialized Nimbus Armadillo tires had arrived. I'll be mounting them later this evening. It looks as though the more narrow flat resistant tires will allow me to mount the fenders I really wanted. The commuter bike will just get uglier.

After I ride on the kevlar reinforced "armadillo" rubber for a few days, I will write a short review in case anyone is interested in investing in the same tire. For me, they are cheap security that I will get to work on time.

FWIW, I measured my commute today. 11.8 miles, one way.

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Blogger Montie said...

What is your opinion on the "Slime" or similar self-sealing inner tubes. A friend of mine had decided to try commuting to work on her bike, and ended up with a flat halfway to work. she was not too happy about it.

Her boyfriend put on a self-sealing inner tube to replace the punctured tube, but now whe says she feels a shimmy in the bike (it's on the front tire that the tube was replaced).

2:23 PM  
OpenID tomcatshanger said...

I'm interested.

Just got back into biking a few months ago. Mainly doing off road trails, lots of single track and such, but I'm interested in building up a cheap commuter/up right road/path bike.

8:45 PM  

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