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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Shootist

I want to take a moment to welcome one of my friends to the blogosphere. Gordon Hutchinson is a writer for Louisiana Sportsman and is the author of two books, "The Quest and the Quarry" and with co-author Todd Masson, "The Great New Orleans Gun Grab." Gordon was a reserve law enforcement officer for twenty-five years, and is a state certified concealed carry instructor.

After huricane Katrina, Gordon began hearing alarming rumors of gun confiscations in and around New Orleans. Where others avoided or denied the illegal actions, Gordon dove in and began gathering accounts of the confiscations. He published these in the only book written about the widespread gun confiscations among the chaos, when police disarmed the citizens they were sworn to protect.

If you really want to know the latest in the battle for the illegally confiscated New Orleans guns, Gordon is on the front lines still. As a potent example of his understanding of the proceedings, this article explains why the NRA/SLA lawsuit against the city of New Orleans was never really about the guns rusting away in storage after all.

I am humbled to welcome Gordon to my blogroll. Visit The Shootist. Let us never forget New Orleans!



Anonymous OrangeNeckInNY said...

As the Supreme Court has ruled, the police have no constitutional duty to protect you or me as an individual. Ask a cop why he is issued a gun and he will say, "self-defense." So the cops have the ability to defend themselves, but the law-abiding citizen doesn't? Their rights don't trump ours.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Cowtown Cop said...

Good post. That explanation really cuts through the fog about the whole issue. I don't think anyone wanted to come right out and SAY that the NOPD was stealing guns from people.
I have a coworker who worked NOPD back in the eighties. His stories about corruption and outright theft by officers of that department will make your hair curl, although there are still some good officers there. For some reason things that are unthinkable in most big city PD's are common occurences in that city.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Keith Walker said...

What is a "reserve law enforcement officer?"

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the photo, what is the name/brand/model of that holster?

6:25 PM  

To Anonymous...

The holster is a Galco Kodiak. The numbers on the back are L619HO and KK130H. I imagine simply the model name "Kodiak" will suffice.

It's carrying a Ruger Redhawk .454 Casull with a 7.5 inch barrel.

Very comfortably, I might add.

And no, while I can shoot off the horse, I treasure her trust (and hearing) too much to shoot THAT off her.

1:42 AM  

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