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Thursday, January 08, 2009


I took two of my favorites to the range this afternoon to run a bit of lead through them. A lot of collectors contemplate which guns they would keep if they could only have one. Click to enlargeFor me, it would be a tough choice between my Clark 1911 and a Ruger MKII.

These pistols are as different as night and day. I can't imagine ever being without a 22 pistol. The Ruger is far and away my favorite, although I have others, and I didn't care for Uncle Bill's politics. The Lugeresque Ruger autoloader is a solid pistol. The common four inch tapered barrel is just right.

The 1911 is my other favorite. A pistol that used to be known as the "45" it is now produced by so many companies that it is difficult to keep track of the number and the permutations of the pistol. I have quite a few 1911s, and I have favorites among them for different reasons. For pure pleasure though, it is difficult to eliminate my polished nickel Clark Combat with the Smith & Wesson adjustable rear sight. It has everything, history, accuracy, the hand of old man Clark, and the Colt Pony.

I have been putting off taking one of my Commanders down Shootout Lane for a Meltdown and hard chroming, so I guess I will need to find the time to do so this month.



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