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Monday, April 06, 2009

Chasing Shadows

I took the Raleigh Super Course out into the dropping sun this evening. The weatherman says we are in for a hard freeze tonight. Click to enlargeI'm hoping he is wrong again, but a chill is already in the air.

I thought about my fascination for Diane Arbus' photography. Her genius was in her ability to gain access to the models she put before her lens. Much has been made of her photographing outsiders, but I think she was a bit like Goya. She had a way of making most people look like they existed on the fringes of society.

There was a time that I existed on the fringes. A sailor, a biker (the motor scoot type) and an artistic type. I had many people pose for my Minolta. It's tougher now, with work and family, to cross that invisible barrier. Yet, I enjoy photographing people. Not necessarily pretty people, but people who I find interesting. I will see where that leads.

I chuckled a bit to find that after two decades, I am picking up where I left off through photography. It is as if I am chasing shadows.



Blogger luca said...

A Panda Portrait! (google it)

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