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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hooligans on Bourbon Street

On October 8,2005, a man was beaten until he was laying on the ground, his blood running into the gutter at the intersection of Bourbon and Conti Streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. Law enforcement, although present, did not intervene to prevent this from occuring. Law enforcement provided the beating. On film.

Robert Davis was interviewed on our local news channels tonight. Shockingly, he does not blame the police officers, and states he believes this matter is not racially motivated. He believes the way he was dressed, in a white T-shirt and shorts with grey whiskers on his face made him look like a homeless person. He stated he may have had cigarette smoke on his breath, but no alcohol, and is sure the ER physician who attended him will acquit him of any charges that he was drunk from his bloodwork. I have to say that Mr. Davis is a gentleman of the highest order. His response is so unlike that of Rodney King, that he will prevail in this matter.

Some are saying the NOPD is operating under a great deal of stress. Excuse me. They are living on a cruise ship, working 12 hour days, five days a week. They are having to share cabins. To say these conditions are arduous is laughable to any man who served in the US Navy. Mr. Davis had recently returned to New Orleans from Atlana to check on property he owns. He and his family has been under a great deal of stress if anyone was. Operating under stress, assuming it is even present, does not give law enforcement license to beat citizens.

Mr. Davis asked a mounted policeman about the curfew time. Then another policeman smarted off to him, and Mr. Davis asked to be left alone. Mr. Davis turned to leave. For that he was beaten to the ground and falsely accused of public drunkeness, and the police had the audacity to suppress and rough up a journalist who filmed their criminal activity and now they want to justify it all. There is something very very wrong here, and it is NOT a black man with whiskers asking a mounted policeman about a curfew!

I usually give the police the benefit of the doubt. In this case, that is very difficult.
I have to say, as inflammatory as the statement may be, that this kind of uncalled for attack on a man's physical safety and life is exactly why many law abiding citizens carry a gun. I wonder..........If these attackers had not been cops, but Cripps, and Mr. Davis had pulled his Glock out and ventilated a couple of skulls, would he be held at fault? If not, then why are the police any different when they commit the same act?

The NOPD has still not dropped the Public Drunk charges against Mr. Davis, evidence that the NOPD is standing behind it's officers. The attorney for the accused police officers has deemed Mr. Davis' beating "reasonable."

Some events elicit righteous anger and demand powerful statements of universal condemnation. When law enforcement fails to enforce laws to the point that law abiding citizens lay bleeding into a gutter, the public must demand justice. The beating of an old man in Vieux Carre, like the CHP attack on an old woman in New Orleans, are just such incidents. This is not police bashing. It's simply a civilized response to uncivilized conduct. Justice was demanded for much less in Abu Ghraib. Who cries for justice in New Orleans?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dammed Right Man! Thank god someone is saying what needs to be said! There is no excuse for this. None. No excuses. None. Four officers are unable to subdue a 64 year old man without leaving him bleeding in the street and without another officer accousting reporters?

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why can't the msm see what we all see here. this as been happening in nola for years and is entrenched in the department. thank you.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, too many cops have small brains and even smaller dicks, and believe carrying a badge and a gun will compensate for these shortcomings. Note how the cops reach for their guns on at least two occasions in this video.

No wonder the NOPD doesn't want law-abiding citizens to own firearms.

I saw a similar incident happen in another city when a bouncer attacked one of my buddies as we were walking by a bar. Let me repeat that: we were walking BY the bar. We were not IN the bar, just walking by it and had no intention of entering the bar. The bouncer ran out of the bar entrance, grabbed my buddy and pulled him INTO the bar, where he proceeded to fight with him. After getting over our initial WTF reaction, we called the cops on our cellphones. The cops swooped in, in large numbers and on a law-enforcement high. Instead of arresting the bouncer for battery, the cops proceeded to harrass the inocent, threatened to arrest witnesses, presumed all of us (mainly fully sober medschool students) were lying, and made the situation even worse. In retrospect there may be a symbiotic relationship between the PD and this bouncer: everyone gets their rocks off and nobody is held accountable.

Needless to say, I don't go out in that city anymore.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a retired cop. I deplore any officer or group of them who hold the citizens in such contempt, and who use their badge as some sort of cruel license to mistreat.
However the officers have not had a chance to speak in court. Perhaps they will be found guilty. No matter, they deserve the same ability to be assumed innocent as anybosy else. If the evidence shows them to be guilty they need to lose their certification and serve jail time. After the trial. For anonymous; you need to be unidentified. You speak of the cops in demeaning terms, but your stones are really in question when you don't accept responsibilty for what you have to say. Unless and until you put your butt on the line grant the consideration that you obviously have no idea what is required to take anyone into custody.
I despise bullies. I loathe police bullies. Damned near a close 3rd is a coward who won't take credit for his words.
Captain Alan R. Yates,Georgia Retired. Concord, New Hampshire.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Years ago I worked for a security company in Houston,Tx.

While working there one of my fellow employees attended Mardi Gras in NO. When he returned to work the following week we hardly recognized him. He had been beaten to a bloody pulp.

He was walking down Bourbon Street in NO when a man walked up and grabbed him and ordered him to go with him. He pulled away from the man and told him he wasn't going anywhere with him. The next thing he knew three other men jumped him and beat him a whole lot worse than Mr. Davis was beaten. The men turned out to be undercover police officers. My fellow employee was later released with the explanation it was a case of mistaken identity. They never so much as offered an apology.

By the way, my fellow employee was white if anyone is wondering. I don't think the NO police are rascist, just a bunch of bullies.

And by the way, I have never seen any mention in the news of the two federal officers who assisted the NOPD being charged. They should be held up to the same standard as the NOPD.

I will hide behind my user name but I would like to say to the retired police officer I am an elected Constable in the county where I reside.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Zendo Deb said...

The time has long passed since I give the police the benefit of the doubt.

The police in most big cities contain a sizeable minority who will harras anyone they feel they can get away with harrassing. I have been hassled myself, and seen friends arrested on no evidence to be released hours later. I have tried to get police to take an interest in beatings of friends, but they just couldn't care about the beating of a gay man. (For anyone wondering why there are hate crimes laws - it is because the police REFUSED to enforce the existing laws when a gay man was attacked.) The rest of the police - aside from that minority - usually will close ranks and try to sweep the dirt under the rug. (Just like the retired officer is doing. Yes, they are innocent until proven guilty, but no one besides a cop would risk trial with that video in evidence. Cops know they get a better deal than the "little people.")

The confiscation of firearms that took place on film - that woman is suing and is still getting medical attention for the injuries she received - to the Rodney King incident, to this travesty are exceptional only that there is video evidence. There are just too many incidents where crimes are committed under color of authority.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things like this happen all to often for me to "give police the benefit of the doubt."

Police are, by and large, good folks, but by and large police refuse to police their own. As a result, there are enough cops who feel they can beat an old black man for no reason, and then charge him with a crime.

NOLA may be particularly bad, but it isn't the only place stuff happens.

8:35 AM  

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