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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: Shotguns and Air Rifles

Neil's gun shelves had not changed much. He did have some really slick 5 and 8 string bass guitars out of hock, probably from New Orleans. Neil also had a Winchester 1894 30/30 with some nice wood for $150. It had a scope mounted on it, and it was a newer rifle, not an old one. I might go back for a gander on that one later.

Dave had a beater Remington 870 for $109. That was kind of interesting, except I prefer a Mossberg, and I have enough shotguns already. His Rossi revolver was still on the shelf along with a few black pistols.

Amber had a Taurus 80 revolver for $139. It was kind of neat, a nickeled Brazilian version of S&W's famed Model 10. I'm considering it, just to have a Model 10 copy.
Amber also had a very interesting rifle, a Daisy/Winchester 1000XS air rifle. This was a one pump, break action rifle that came with a scope. She had it priced at $80, and it functioned fine.

Winchester 1000SXSo, now I was torn.........This rifle would allow me to shoot varmits invading my attic with abandon, and it would also allow my daughter to shoot in our backyard. She already has a trimmed down Ruger 10/22, but she must go to the range to shoot it. This rifle is still a bit big for her, but she would grow into it.........The stock has a beautiful grain......it has the heft of a real rifle.....a good scope......Amber let me take it out back and pop a few cans.............it was accurate as all get out. Sold!
Now I just have to keep from shooting my little girl's Christmas present........of course, I have to do a safety check, I am a good Daddy..........and a function check.....and I have to dial in the scope.........make sure it's durable.......

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Blogger Josh said...

My high school ROTC Rifle Marksmen team used to shoot that rifle or one very similar. It wasn't scoped - it had peep sights - but we could throw pellets through the same hole all day from 10yds in the prone, kneeling and standing positions. Have fun with it!

1:02 PM  
Blogger Firehand said...

One MUST take care of the details. We count on you to properly check all functions thoroughly.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the occasional accuracy check. Wouldn't want her to accidentally play with the scope and throw it off, would you? [smiles]

8:35 AM  

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