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Monday, December 26, 2005

Best Of...: Handgun Scores.

Tam has offered up her best handgun scores of 2005, and I thought I might follow suit. S&W Pre-Model 10 just as it came off the shelfI'll offer two.
The first was a no brainer. I found this five inch Smith & Wesson pre-Model 10 on a pawn shop shelf for $89. First range trip
I bought it, polished it up a bit, and have been shooting the hell out of it. This revolver required nothing to be a great shooter. It was all original, all matching, and just in need of some tender loving scrubbing. This wheelgun slides into best buy status not only because of the low price, but because of the fantastic workmanship and value.

Next........a 9mm Colt Commander. I picked up this pistol at a gun show for $650. At the time, I kind of croaked, because I felt I was paying top dollar for this Series 70 pistol. I figured the money I saved on ammo would help pay for the gun, and you know....I've been shooting the snot out of this pistol so I can justify it's cost! I installed a Brown thumb safety, and stag grips, and nothing else.

I had a few failures to extract. I suspect the previous owner was dropping rounds directly into the chamber and slamming the slide on them. I installed a Brown hard core extractor, and had no further problems. I was able to get two extra 9mm magazines from CDNN. This pistol is easily my best buy of 2005.

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