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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pre-Christmas Youth Shoot

Today I took Lee back out to shoot. He had remembered his four rules and had been dry firing like crazy since the last time we went shooting. The results showed up immediately. Lee never wavered from the paper plates with his dad's Ruger MKII. I also brought my daughter along to shoot her Ruger 10/22. For these excursions we run a tape for a firing line, and call hot and cold ranges. We always have the actions open and viewable during a cold range, with all hands off ammo and guns until the range is hot again. Standard range procedure.

This time around, I told Lee I was going to introduce him to the finer things of shooting. I brought along a selection of DA and SA revolvers. Lee got to shoot Single Action Army revolvers, my Python, M&Ps and a few other K and N frame Smith & Wessons. Lee developed a fast appreciation for the old wheelguns. As usual, Lee's safety consciousness was exemplary.

For my daughter we set up cans and shotgun shells on an old computer. It's best to have reactionary targets such as this for kids. It keeps them interested, plus they get to see how far the slugs will penetrate things. Before long, Lee was wanting to shoot the computer as well.

Soon, both shooters were on the .22 rifles shooting at reactionary targets 25-50 yards away. After a while, Lee was wanting a louder boomstick, so he moved up to my SMLE.
The kids had a blast. We spent close to seven hours on the range, shooting all kinds of firearms. When we finished we policed our area, and hauled off our trash. My daughter received a trophy for fantastic marksmanship, and outstanding safety consciousness and range etiquette.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time. I hope to be able to find somewhere I can take the kids when they get old enough. All the ranges around here frown upon non-standard targets and I don't have any middle-of-the-woods place that I can easily get to.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice! It's fantastic what you are doing there!

1:45 AM  
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