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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Update on the Robert Davis Beating

On October 8, 2005, a man was beaten until he was laying on the ground, his blood running into the gutter at the intersection of Bourbon and Conti Streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. Law enforcement, although present, did not intervene to prevent this from occuring. Law enforcement provided the beating. On film.
Shortly after the incident, the three officers involved were arrested and suspended. Their lawyer, Frank DeSalvo claims the officers used reasonable force.

Today, Interim Police Superintendent Warren Riley announced the firing of officers Robert Evangelist and Lance Schilling in connection with the beating. Officer Stuart Smith was suspended for 120 days for roughing up an Associated Press producer who filmed the brutality.
The New Orleans police union disagreed with the decision and plans to appeal it to the Civil Service Commission, said Police Association of New Orleans president Lt. David Benelli. "This case became highly publicized through the media," Benelli said. "In light of the worldwide media frenzy these officers were placed under, it was impossible for them to receive a fair investigation."

So, let me get this straight. These thugs beat a man until he is unconscious and bleeding into the gutter, assault a member of the press who is filming their activity, and then want to blame their misfortune on the tape? Yeah right.

Evangelist and Schilling now face assault and battery charges. No word is available on the federal agents who assisted the NOPD in the beating.



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