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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why I Love the Old M&P

I love the old Smith & Wesson Military & Police, also known as the Model of 1905, 4th Change. If I see one for sale, chances are, it will follow me home. Call me an addict. Reasons I love the old M&P:

1. This gun has been in production for 100 years. During this time it has received a few upgrades, mainly a short throw trigger, a hammer block safety, and a different front sight, but it has remained essentially the same. It is still in production today as the Model 10, and remains one of the best choices for a defensive handgun.

2. Nothing looks better in stag than an old M&P. This gun can wear blue, nickel, walnut, stag or ivory with equal aplomb. Heck, you can even get it in stainless as the Model 64.

3. There is nothing more satisfying than to step up to the firing line among tactical ninjas spraying lead with plastic fantastics, pull out a 75 year old revolver that looks like a 75 year old revolver, and start drilling bullseyes.

4. The price is usually right. In my area, it is not uncommon to find old M&Ps below $150. They may need a bit of cleaning, they might not be pretty, but they will be reliable, accurate shooters.

5. History. Whether it is a sock drawer special, a deputy sheriff's sidearm, or a revolver that sailed around the world, served in war and as a shore patrol sidearm, these guns have history. When you hold one, if you don't feel a twinge of wonder at what that piece of steel has done, you should just buy combat tupperware and be done with it.

Yep, I own other guns. I love the old 1911, I own some HK tacticalware, some Italian black steel, and quite a few more "modern" guns. When it comes down to a gun I cannot pass up though, a M&P will stop me to look every time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Between you and Tamara, I REALY want to buy an older S&W wheelgun.

I shouldn't have gotten married. My wife doesn't like the number of firearms I already have. And would have a cow if I suggested I needed another one... And I need a couple more...

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freddy, there are ways....

see me one day and I'll give you a few guaranteed subterfuges...

...think: "arming your sister"


10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you just gotta pick the right girl, i found mine almost 40 years ago. one of my first presents to her after the wedding was a "llama" .22, followed by a "llama" .380 when she'd gotten used to the .22. she also got an
m-1 carbine with full issue accessories. (ever watch a 5'2" girl launch a grenade off an m-8a1 launcher?) i've lost count of how many guns i've bought, traded and sold over the years and never a complaint from the missus. i'll sell, swap and trade guns but she's a keeper.

7:42 AM  

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