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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gun Show K-22 Turn Around

I awoke this morning with K-22 on the brain. The Smith & Wesson K-22 is one of my holy grail guns. I spotted one, actually a Model 17-4 yesterday at the gun show. Unfortunately, at $550, it was well above my buying range. I have established my top dollar buying price at $350. I am willing to accept a lesser finish to buy the gun at a more affordable price.

After sleeping on it last night, $550 started to sound pretty good. After all, I own quite a few guns that cost that much and even more. Am I just being swayed by the fallacy that an itty bitty caliber should have an itty bitty price? I believe I am. Five hundred for a K-22 is certainly a fair and common price, especially for one in pristine condition. I would not be paying to much for the gun, and if I care for it, the value will hold. I will certainly get more enjoyment out of it than I get from my numerous 9mm and .40S&W handguns that cost the same or more, but cost more to shoot.

I want a K-22. That Model 17-4 is a K-22 Masterpiece. It is in great condition, and $500 is a fair price, both for the seller and the buyer. I will return this morning, and see if I can negotiate the price to $500. That's asking for a 10% discount on the second day. Chances are, the seller padded his selling price by 10%.

I'll go back this morning, do the Jim March Revolver Checkout, pay the price, and never look back. The sting of the price is quickly forgotten in the glow of owning a fine firearm you can shoot the hell out of.

Now where is my bore light?

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