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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Hand Ejectors & Pizza

I strolled back Neil's place this morning to see what was new. Neil had been quite surprised when I failed to purchase the old .455 Hand Ejector he had displayed last week. This morning he asked me why I was not interested. I told him flatly, price. Neil was wanting $329 for a $200 gun. I explained that I might be interested if the revolver had not been polished and reblued, and if the hammer had not been bobbed. With those two hindrances, the old wheelgun just wasn't worth much to me. I briefly considered buying it, converting it to .45 Colt, and cutting the barrel to three inches, making it into a period carry gun. After all, it's value was destroyed anyway. Neil's premium price precluded that possibility, however. It would be just as easy to find a gun already converted that way for $329, or even a better condition .455HE. I'll just let that one sit and see how long it lasts.

Surprisingly, Amber still had her stainless Ruger MKII for $200. She had added a Raven 25 next to it. She was wanting $50 for the little pot metal atrocity. Amber thought that was a fair deal. I suppose it might be for somebody.

Finally, I drove back over to Dave's shop. I brought him a double cheese pizza and thanked him for the deal he gave me on my K-22. I've had the K-22 at the range a couple of times since last week, and it is one of the sweetest shooters I have owned. The revolver is an absolute joy to shoot. I never should have waited this long to get one.
Dave and his staff appreciated the pizza. It was the least I could do after a $200 K-22.



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