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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Ruger Hand Drill

Many people don't know that Bill Ruger originally designed hand tools before he hit upon the Ruger Standard. Up for auction is one of his hand drills. Recognize the handle?
As shown in the book "Ruger And His Guns"...Bill Ruger produced a line of hand tools prior to his partnership with Alexander Sturm. The facility was in a red barn where later the arms manufacturing began in Southport Conn. The collector book states that the hand tools often bring more than the collectible guns. Notice the near exact shape of the drill pistol grip handle when compared to the Mark I semi automatic pistols. This drill came from an estate sale auction from a New Jersey resident. I very much regret the high minimum bid but I had to pay a small fortune to acquire this item off of e-bay. I have enjoyed owning it and will offer it for others at this time. The condition of the drill is excellent. If it were a pistol we would say less than 5 boxes run thru it...or... blue is 98%
Started at $550.00

Here's another Ruger hand drill.



Blogger Broadsword said...

Xavier, do you expect us to believe you? Anyone with half an ounce of cerebellum and a grasp for slogans can tell this is a fully automatic, semi-automatic assault pistol. I mean, look at that crank on the top...It's a hand held Gatling!

7:38 AM  

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