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Monday, December 07, 2009

High Dollar Nikon

Perhaps the rarest of all Nikon Collectibles and most significant Nikon Camera ever produced. The camera was designed and used for NASA Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia Missions. The Camera has much improved and oversized buttons, levers and windows to accomodate the usage of gloves.

This auction is for the Nikon F3HP Nasa Camera and The Rarest Nikkor 55mm F2 UV Nikkor for usage in space. This includes two battery packs. A protective cap for the spare battery pack. The Rare Focus Pins (Still in the Bag) With The Rare Tall Shutter release for Gloves.

The 55mm UV Nikkor is amongst the rarest of lenses and was specifically designed to be used with this camera while photographing in space. This lens also designed to use gloves. Featured a large aperature ring with a f=Stop Range from F2-F16Has a coal black finish and Unique focus free operation with a very unique rear element as seen in photos. Has unique metal caps that are also unique only to this excessivly rare lens. Few in existance. This is Number 19. Many have been lost and this one has been sitting on a NASA Shelf a long long time. Few People have ever seen and very little is known about this lens, Perhaps the rarest Nikkor.
Price: US $69,000.00

But hey...... Free shipping!



Blogger Kristophr said...

Pros don't buy $60k-plus backs ... the tech changes too damned fast.

They rent them.

2:01 PM  
Blogger luagha said...

Eh, wait a little while and you'll see it in Kenny's pawn shop.

3:12 PM  

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