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Friday, September 23, 2005

On Combat & On Killing

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I am in the middle of reading On Combat by David Grossman and Loren Christensen. I bought this book after reading Grossman's pioneering work On Killing. To date, nothing quite like either book has been written. It is odd indeed that these topics remain some of the most taboo in our society. I highly recommend these books to anyone who may have to someday use a gun.
My wife, also a voracious reader, devoured both books. While I sailed through On Killing, and kept after my spouse to begin it, I am having problems plowing through On Combat.
I might read four pages and then put the book down for a week or two before returning to it. I have done this for close to a year now. My wife, a psychiatric nurse, asked me about this.
Reading this book is reading about that which I buried when I decided to have a family. Things I never wanted to go back to, but which affect my life still. Huge wounds must be tended to a little at a time, and the scarring is extremely unpredictable. My wife says she understands. I hope she never does.

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