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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Pawn Shop Circuit, King Cobras and 12 Gauges

I went on my pawn shop run this morning after seeing a few patients. I usually make the run about twice a week.

Dave had a couple of interesting guns. First up was a Smith & Wesson 67-1 with a pinned barrel. It was a beater with hard plastic aftermarket grips shaped like Hogues. I think they were Safariland. Anyway, the 67-1 was rather dirty, but would probably clean up OK for a beat about gun. Dave wanted $179 for it. That's a bit high for me, especially since I have a Model 66 that can perform essentially the same job. Right now, after Katrina, Dave will sell that gun for $179. If he does not, I'll offer $125 for it in a couple of weeks. That 67-1 is calling me. I bought a Python from Dave last week though, he got enough of my money.
Dave also had a polished stainless Colt King Cobra that was mint. Six inch barrel. He wanted $399 for that one. I passed, already got one. Nice gun though. I noted that Dave had a couple of 12 gauge pumps on the rack. Those have been glaringly absent since Katrina blew through.

Moving on, Neil still had his Steyr pistol on the display shelf (it's been there for about three months). He has marked it down to $365. He also moved a Titan revolver out of pawn & into stock, priced to move at $69, and a Sigma in the corner. No thanks. Not a single 12 gauge shotgun on the rack at Neil's place, just a lonely 410. Neil did have a nice Winchester over & under shotgun priced right for somebody.

Across the river, Amber had a couple of Glocks. I was not interested, so I don't know what type. She also had a Hopkins & Allen DA#6 revolver with no finish on it. It had a half of a penny for a front sight. That was kind of neat. It also had the original bakelite grips. She was asking $89. Amber had a couple of automatic shotguns, and a Taurus PT22 for $119.

UPDATE Wednsday September 28,2005

Model 67-1 Combat MasterpieceI went back and bought the Model 67-1. It will be a platform for learning engraving. Who can resist a gun called the Combat Masterpiece?

The King Cobra was gone.



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