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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who is XavierBreath?

XavierBreathI am XavierBreath. My wife calls me that when I try to justify a new gun purchase to her.

I am a consumer in the gun market. I buy guns new, used and broken. I will consider almost anything in my price range to be a prospective purchase. There are few guns I do not like in some way. There are also few people that I do not like in some way. There are many people (including gun owners) that I will not talk guns with though. There is just to much arrogance based on ignorance in that arena. It is a wise man who knows what he knows not.

I enjoy working on my own guns. I am a self-taught gun tinkerer. Some would call me a "Kitchen Table Gunsmith" and that's OK. I am not above using a kitchen table. I taught myself how to work on my guns for a simple reason. There are a lot of incompetent gunsmiths in my area. The good smiths and custom shops have a waiting list six months long. By doing my own work, I get the job when I want it, how I want it, and at a price that is hard to resist. The added advantage is that I learn more about my guns. I get satisfaction working with my hands. It is good therapy to take a gun that nobody wants and work it into an accurate and beautiful tack driver. I do this for myself. I will not work on other's guns. I am slow to advise others to work on thier own guns unless they have the skills to do it. My past experience involved fabrication of parts from raw stock for the F/A 18 aircraft. I have hand built vintage automobiles that are raced. I figured if I was qualified to fabricate parts that hang bombs under aircraft that fly over our cities, and to fabricate parts for cars that speed past spectators at 100MPH, then with the right manual I would be qualified to put a trigger in a 1911.

I enjoy collecting old guns. I found that the ones that I enjoy the most are the ones with a history. I enjoy the scars an old CCW piece wears. I don't mind a bit of muzzle wear on a K38. I do expect them to be in working order, because I like to shoot my guns. Having a gun you cannot shoot is like having a horse you cannot ride. Sooner or later you will try it.

Finally, the thoughts expressed here are my own. I choose to remain anonymous because I do not want to become involved in the pissing matches that I have seen over the years in cyberspace. I do not want to place my family nor myself at risk. There are a lot of nut jobs in the gun world. I prefer the peace and sanity that one can achieve by clicking on the "Turn Off Computer" icon. I will not relinquish that in a vain attempt to establish creditbility by publishing my name. A name published on the internet does not create credibility, nor does the lack of such diminish credibility. Credibility is founded on one principle.......... Truth. Repeat. Truth. Repeat. Truth. Repeat........

In a world where many people judge others based on what they have, what they know, who they know, or what they take in each year as income, I subscribe to a very simple precept in dealing with people. I will judge a person on one criteria. The strength of thier character. To make that judgement, you have to listen. You have to watch. Integrity is not granted. It is earned. It can only be destroyed by oneself. When I am dead and buried, I have one thing that I wish to be remembered for. My integrity.

Have fun, shoot well.


Anonymous Pia said...

Cool beans XB! It's about damned time!

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell XB!

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Xavier.... right-on dude. I like your site!


2:07 AM  
Anonymous budd said...

Your code and mine are the same

11:20 PM  

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