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Friday, October 07, 2005

Gun Confiscation on Bourbon Street: The Latest.

Pic courtesy of The InterdictorThe Interdictor, famous for blogging from the French Quarter of New Orleans throughout Hurricaine Katrina has some troubling news up. It seems there is an overwhelming response of Louisiana State Troopers, NOPD, US Marshalls in body armor, with back-up provided by NYPD and the New Orleans Fire Department. Wow, who would have thought a snubby could be so dangerous that SWAT and a hook & ladder truck would be necessary? I suppose if this lady had carried a Glock, they would have exhumed J. Edgar Hoover and launched him at her with a catapult!
La Pierre, are you listening? Things have not changed!
More pics from The Interdictor



Blogger LDF said...

At least they didn't do it Compton style and fire off a couple hundred rounds into the surrounding community before taking her prisoner. . .

You'd think with all of the backlash they would exercice a bit more restraint when enforcing weapons "violations".

PS: sorry about the delete. I needed to correct an important typo that altered the meaning of my previous comment.

12:30 PM  

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