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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers Withdraws

On the Ranch Harriet Miers withdrew from consideration to be a Supreme Court justice this morning, stating "I am concerned that the confirmation process presents a burden for the White House and our staff that is not in the best interests of the country." President Bush stated he reluctantly accepted her decision to withdraw, after weeks of steadfast support against vehement criticism of her credentials. The Constitution does not explicitly establish any qualifications for Justices of the Supreme Court. In fact it does not even specify citizenship or age as it does for the executive and legislative branches. However, Presidents normally exercise common sense and nominate individuals who have prior legal experience. Typically, most nominees have judicial experience, either at the federal or state level. Miers had none. Miers was portrayed as a crony of Bush by the left, and through photos such as the one here as a Bush toady by Bush's own camp. Her bid for history was thus doomed from the outset. For her loyalty to President Bush, Miers recieved a nomination to the highest court in the land. Ironically, her loyalty to Bush cost her the same. Sometimes the deck is just stacked against you.
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Blogger Dutch Expat said...

She IS one of Bush's cronies, and supremely unsuited for supreme court justice. I breathed a sigh of relief today. Let's hope the man I helped elect chooses more wisely next time instead of trying to reward those around him with cushy taxpayer-funded positions they are wildly unsuited for.

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