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Friday, October 14, 2005

MSM Flub on Live Report

If Michelle Kosinski's canoe had sprung a leak on NBC's Today Show this morning, she didn't have much to worry about. The NBC News correspondent was paddling in a canoe during a live report about flooding in Wayne, N.J. While she talked, two unknown men in chest waders walked between her and the camera, making it obviously apparent that the water where she was floating was barely ankle-deep. Matt Lauer of the Today Show struggled to keep a straight face, joking about the "holy men" who were walking on water.

"Have you run aground yet?" Katie Couric asked.

"Why walk when you can ride?" Kosinski replied.

Later, an NBC News spokeswoman explained that Kosinski had been riding in deeper water near an overflowing river down the street, but there were concerns that the current was too strong for her. "It's not like we were trying to pass it off as something it wasn't," spokeswoman Lauren Kapp said.

Sure. OK.

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Blogger Ginny said...

That is too funny!

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