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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: A Model 60 Evolution

It's starting to look like a drought on the pawn shop circuit. Neil had five black semi-autos on his shelf priced from $320 to $500. I think they were a Glock, a XD, a Steyr and a Sig. I'm not sure about the fifth one. Who cares? tactical black doesn't do anything for me. I've had my share of 'em. Moving along, Dave sold the Taurus revolver, but was still hoping to get $219 for the Rossi. Good luck. Across the river, Amber had lowered her price on her XD40 to $350 and had sold her little Taurus P22. Shotguns and rifles seem to be the hot commodity right now.
S&W Model 60'sNothing interesting was out of hock this week, so here are a couple of my past scores. Pictured are two Smith & Wesson Model 60s. The Model 60-9, a .357magnum, with the skip checkered grips was purchased from a pawn shop last year for $250. Fortunately it does not have the lock, but it does have the frame mounted firing pin. Cest la vie.
The Model 60 no dash was bought at the same pawn shop this year for $179. It, of course is a .38spl with the unshrouded ejector rod.
Both of these have been flawless little J frames, and I am pleased to have found them both at a fair price.



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