A Nurse with a Gun

Monday, November 21, 2005

Elderly Man on O2 Foils Invasion with Squirrel Rifle

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Despite being 83 years old and reliant on oxygen via nasal cannula for a lung ailment, Harry Carpenter wouldn't let his wife of 57 years be robbed by knife wielding intruders in his own home.

Two would-be thugs forced their way into the home of Mr. Carpenter and his wife, Jackie, while the two were having dinner, according to a police report. One of them forced Carpenter to sit down in the sun room, while the other went with Jackie Carpenter, 80, to get money from her bedroom. Carpenter tried to come to his wife's rescue but was threatened with the knife.

Then Carpenter got his break — his wife pretended to faint and the intruder who was restricting him went into the other room to see what was happening. Carpenter shuffled to his laundry room, where he kept an old, .22 caliber rifle that he owned since childhood. He fumbled for bullets sitting on a shelf. The suspect returned before he could load, so Harry slammed the bolt home and aimed the empty weapon at the intruder.

The home invader stopped dead in his tracks, yelled at his companion to flee, and they both hauled ass. Police were unable to locate the two suspects, who didn't get any money.

Score 0 for the thugs.
Score 0 for the police.
Score 0 for 911.
Score Knockout for the 2nd Ammendment.
Thank you Mr. Carpenter.

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