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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Joe Neutered......Xav Tutored

I'm going to get tutored! I took Joe in to see the vet and set a date for neutering. All the way there, my groin ached. Joe was estatic. He thought he was going to get tutored.

Once there, the vet and I talked. Joe's vet is a hunter who works retrievers. I asked about Joe's weight gain, and explained how Chester made it 13 years because he was kept lean and lightweight. Less weight meant less hip problems. I commented on Chester's gorgeous huge muzzle.

Joe's vet explained that the huge Golden Retriever muzzle, full chest, and lean hips are secondary sex characteristics. Chester was never neutered, and as he aged he got to hanging pretty low. Joe's vet stated that many Golden's are neutered at 6 months, and as a result, never get the hormones of puberty to make them into the beautiful dogs they are destined to be. If neutered to early, Golden Retrievers keep the puppy muzzle which becomes a pinhead as they age. They develop the physique of a loaf of bread. Then the weight wears out their hips. Then they hurt in old age, and are frequently put down by their owners.

Being a nurse, I should have known better. The adoption agreement with the shelter can be damned. I'm not taking that route with Joe Dog. We will wait until he's over a year for neutering. Molan Labe pound! I can uncross my legs now.



Blogger Pawpaw said...

Do what is in the best interests of the dog. Sometimes, nuetering is it, sometimes it ain't.

Hard to beat a good pound dog.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous FORGER said...

I have yet to see a de-sexed animal not turn into a slug. Both of my Brother's cats are the fattest, laziest bastages I have ever seen. If you are a good doggie daddy, you don't have problems.

I have a 1/2 Chow / 1/2 mini-collie who will be 10 this Thanksgiving and the only two litters she had was when I screwed up...

And, in case you're wondering, I found all the puppies good homes.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Mickey said...

All of our dogs are neutered. I have one fat boy and it's my own fault. When Spike passed away (neutered, pound dog, retriever, lived to be about 13 and was never overweight) D'Artagnan was the sole table scrapper (bad habit, we've stopped). The important thing with working dogs to do just that, work them and it's important to feed your dog the right food for his breed and size. I think your vet is way off base and I'd get a second opinion and I'd do some more research on the web. The benefits of neutering far outweigh the negatives and it has nothing to do with lowering the population etc etc, just for the health of the dog.

3:25 PM  

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