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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: Dry Lake Fishing

Neil was down to two black plastic pistols, he even sold the Steyr. He sold his S&W Model 629 as well. I talked him into looking into the computer to see what was coming out of hock. He had over 190 items coming out this week, not all guns, and potentially any one of them going back into hock if the interest was paid on the loan.

Dave had another Rossi 971 out of hock. He had sold the Charter Arms Undercover, as well as a few pistols. Nothing new, but he did have all of his televisions tuned to The Price is Right. That was kind of ironic.

Amber had sold her S&W laser pistol. She still had a Glock under the glass along with another plastic gun. She has decided she wants to take a CCW course, and is watching for a good revolver.

I guess I enjoy the Pawn Shop Circuit for the serendipity of it. Going to a gunstore for a gun is kind of like buying fish at the grocery store. Going to a pawn shop for guns is like fishing. Sometimes you come home with a good catch, sometimes you just catch a cold. I spotted an unexplored pawn shop on the seedy side of town a week or so ago. I may stop and check it out if my luck doesn't change soon.



Blogger Josh said...

Your pawn shop ramblings are making me jealous. Most of the pawn shops here can't or won't sell guns, so the best I get is the consignment shelf at various shops. Those are never good deals...horrible "fishing" conditions you might say.

3:09 PM  

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