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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit:Tupperware and Jokers

Neil still had all three of his black tactical pistols, as well as his S&W 629. The Nylon 66 was still on the rack among a bunch of automatic shotguns. Neil had brought out a Sears M200 12 gauge pump, a copy of the Winchester 1200. Someone had cut the barrel down to just a hair over 18 inches. It was marked $99. I passed. I bought my Winchester pumps for less than that.

Dave had dragged out several plastic fantastics with stainless slides. Two were Sigmas, and one was a Taurus PT 111.

Amber had some tactical tupperware in, a Glock 19 for $350. She still had not sold her laser gun.

For giggles I decided to go by a couple of other pawn shops. One, a Ma and Paw shop beside a biker clubhouse had a case of handguns. One rather interesting one was a Colt 1911 that someone had butchered to put Bomar sights on. It had one of the huge magazine releases and laminated camo grips. Paw wanted $1000 for it, because it was a "race gun". Uh huh. The prices on the rest of the guns led me to believe Paw only like to do business with suckers or hagglers. Sorry Paw, I'm a simple buyer.

Next was a pawn shop across from the college campus. They had a KelTec P11 for $250, and a used HiPoint C9 for $150. I didn't stay in there to long. There was something creepy about the place.

The jokers in these two places made me appreciate Neil, Dave and Amber, eventhough the pickings were slim this week.



Blogger James said...

What was creepy about the shop across from the campus? Can you put your finger on it, or was it just a vague sense of unease?


9:34 PM  

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