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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We'll Take That!

Two Louisiana National Guardsmen were arrested on charges of looting Monday afternoon. Police comfiscated three boxes of liquor that a patrol officer allegedly saw two Louisiana National Guardsmen stealing from a home in New Orleans East. A policewoman was patrolling the Eastover area in New Orleans East when she saw two guardsmen carrying boxes out of a house. Following an investigation, the guardsmen were arrested for looting three boxes of alcohol.
The guardsmen were taken to the Seventh District Station and later turned over to Military Police. One of the guardsmen insists he did nothing wrong, and that he just found the boxes of liquor sitting on the ground while they were on patrol. The house used to belong to former Saints player and state legislator Pat Swilling. The home is now believed to be owned by a local rap artist.
The NOPD said it will not comment on the matter since it is being handled by the Louisiana National Guard.

Does this story remind anyone else of a scene in the movie Platoon in which a soldier has allocated some liquid refreshment from the Top's supply only to have it re-allocated by a man with one more stripe? Sorry about your credibility problem NOLA PD, you earned it.


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