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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An Iraqi Voter's Message for the Democrats of America

The Political Teen has a video of an iraqi grandmother giving her opinion of Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Cindy Sheehan, among others.
You tell 'em Betty Dawisha!

Speaking of which.....

Twice this year, Iraqis have shown their courage, defying the terrorists -- risking their lives to exercise their right to vote.
They will vote again on December 15.
Shelby Dangerfield, a 10-year-old Montana girl, demonstrated Americans' solidarity with freedom-loving Iraqis by inking her finger purple last January.
From December 12 - 15, let's follow her example by inking our index finger purple.
For more things you can do to support free Iraqis, visit Raise a Purple Finger for Freedom.
Let's show the world that freedom loving peoples are united.



Anonymous Standard Mischief said...

Cute kid and nice idea. I went to the website, and it's just a bit too slick for the product of a 10 year old girl. The website has a “lesson plan” and a press information page, but gives no credit to who created the site.

8:38 PM  
Blogger newc said...

You are a Nurse with a gun and that is rare because as a rule, guns are not liked by the medical community. I believe that that is the community that needs to learn how to shoot because tha is the last community I want helpless during adverse conditions. If you cannot defend a hospital in NO, Learn how to defend it elsewhere. You of all have a unique ability to treat who you put down but I never want to see a hospital under siege again because you hate stupid guns.

Just because a gun is there does not mean you have to use it. But Doctors and Nurses are the last whom I would want destroyed so take your picks.

Just a thought.

9:46 PM  

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