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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not in my Neighborhood

FEMA is now squawking because they are unable to find suitable places to set up their trailer parks in Louisiana. Why is this, one might ask? Perhaps it is because people in Louisiana remember the Red Cross' refusal to provide law enforcement with a list of names of those residing in shelters. Perhaps it is because FEMA is citing the same confidentiality issue. Perhaps it is because people living near emergency shelters saw spikes in crime rates, had drunks in their front yards wanting to rake leaves, and maybe, just maybe having registered sex offenders still unaccounted for has a lot to do with it.

Sorry FEMA, until you are willing to play ball with my chief law enforcement officer, you can stay the hell out of my backyard with your trailers as well.

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Anonymous Mizzle187 said...

That is a story Ive been seeing alot lately on my local news. I live in Louisianas now 2nd largest city and while we all wanted to help our Southern neighbors this si not what we had in mind. The sad thing is while they are putting these bright white trailers to rural and urban areas its the rural areas that are being affected the most by the increase in crime.

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