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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: Needing Nothing

Damn! Sometimes you just can't stop. I swung into Neil's pawn shop today and spied a long magazined corncobbed Winchester on the rack. Neil had just taken a Winnie 1300 Defender out of hock and placed it up for sale. I checked it over, and it looked like it had hardly been shot. Someone had added a TacStar sidesaddle, and a heatshield to it. Neil was wanting $160 for the gun. I figured $30 for the sidesaddle, $25 for the heatshield, and I would be getting an almost unused Winchester 1300 with an eight shot magazine for $105. Hell, who's going to pass that up? It's a rare day indeed when I can just buy a used gun set up the way I want it to be. The only detraction to this shotgun was a missing allen screw in the sidesaddle. When I got home, I gave the good folks at Lyman a call, spoke to an enchanting lady for a couple of minutes and she agreed to send me a handful of those oddball countersunk allen screws. I shall never want again!

I also stopped by Dave's place. He still had the Ruger Security Six. Dave also had a cherry S&W 686-6 in the case today. He is wanting $399 for it. That's to rich for me, and the gun has the worm hole lock anyway.

Amber's financial institution was also lacking in a change of firearms. The Glock 26, surprisingly, was still there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice find, can't beat the price.

10:53 PM  

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