A Nurse with a Gun

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: Problems Solved

I met a friend for lunch who was trying to unload a Winchester 1300 with a ribbed barrel and all the chokes for $150. No deal here, I just don't need it. During our lunch, Todd mentioned he was wanting a 30/30 for deer hunting and asked me if I still had my old Marlin 336. I told him no, I robbed the scope off the pawn shop Marlin, and sold the gun for a $25 profit. I did tell Todd that I knew where a Winchester 1894 30/30 was, but the seller, Neil would be pretty firm on the $150 price. We hopped into Todd's truck and drove to Neil's place.

Neil had sold the rifle this morning. He said some guy had come in, looked it over and quickly bought it with a knowing grin on his face. Neil is thinking he might have missed something. I'm starting to wonder if I missed something too. It did have fantastic furniture.....

Todd kind of had the fever, so we drove over to Amber's shop. She had sold the nickel Taurus. My problem was solved.



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