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Friday, December 09, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: Victory!

I swung into Amber's pawn shop this morning just before lunch. She had a Smith & Wesson revolver that she asked me to look at. She pulled out a M&P that had a trigger that would hang up in DA mode. The trigger was frozen in place. I looked the gun over, and asked what she had given for it. Amber wouldn't say, but asked me what I thought it was worth. It was a Victory Model M&P in blue instead of parkerizing. The lanyard loop was missing, and it sported diamond magna grips. The bore was a sewer pipe. The cylinder locked up fairly tight.
Amber asked me again what I thought it was worth. I figured $25 for the diamond magna grips, and $125 for the revolver. I like Amber, and did not want to take advantage of her. She agreed to $150, and I bought the gun. Once home, I tore apart the gun to free up and lubricate the lockwork. The trigger still wants to hang up some, but it releases easier. It drags on the inside of the trigger guard at full stroke. I will give it some TLC and clearance in a few days.
I am in the market for an inexpensive set of Victory grips and a proper lanyard ring for this revolver. I plan on putting her right again. Until that time, I installed a set of faux stag grips I had in the parts box. I find those to be less offensive than the wrong S&W furniture.

I did not go by to see Neil or Dave.

Update: A little file work on the bottom of the trigger, a little cold bluing, and the trigger sticking problem is resolved. I believe this revolver's triggerguard must have been used to crack a skull in the past. I have located proper grips and a lanyard ring. My S&W Forum thread on this revolver.



Blogger Pawpaw said...

I agree with your analysis. The trigger guard was used to whack something and is bent.

I have an old S&W Mod 60 that suffered the same fate. I freed up the trigger by grasping the trigger guard with a pair of Channel-Locks and giving it a good tug. I've been carrying that revolver now for... oh... 15 years.

11:18 AM  

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