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Friday, December 23, 2005

Pawn Shop Circuit: Youth Shotgunning

Yesterday my daughter saw her Daddy and a young friend go to work with combat shotguns. She was impressed by the big holes they made, and how they could wipe out rampaging tin cans with a single pull of the trigger. She confessed she liked the big boomsticks, and wanted one of her own. A purple and pink one, of course.......

Thus, I went pawn shopping on a mission today. I usually go not looking for any gun in particular, letting the serendipity of a new find happen. Today, I wanted a 410 or 20 gauge Mossberg shotgun. I had priced a Mossy 550 410 at $250, and a Mossy 500C in 20 gauge at $200, both new. I'm loathe to buy a new gun and paint it purple and pink though. So, we went pawn shopping.

Neil had a selection of 12 gauges, pumps, autos, and single shots, but no other gauge. He had added a Rossi .357 magnum to his handgun case.

Amber, likewise, had only 12 gauge shotguns. She had a Glock 26 for sale at $359, along with another Taurus .38 special, priced at $120.

Dave had a bunch of 12 gauges, but hidden among them was one skinny magazine. I had him pull out a Western Field 550CD, basically a Montgomery Ward branded Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge. Of course the stock had a standard length of pull, and I needed a youth model. Not to worry, a Mossberg youth stock will bolt right up. Dave had a $119 price tag on the shotgun. He knew he had me, two days before Christmas, with my little girl along for the ride. I asked him for his best price, and he was willing to go an even $100. So was I.

Thankfully, this shotgun already had a metal safety button, a weakness on the Mossberg 500. The forend overlaps the receiver a bit, but not badly. The barrel is a bit long at 28 inches. That will have to be shortened. Then........a purple 12 inch LOP stock. A purple forend. Should I get synthetic? A stock with a pistol grip? This could be fun!

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Blogger Grampapinhead said...

You will,, I assurme, keep us updated on this purple and pink project.

I would avoid the pistol grip stock and try and keep it as close to the classic military config as possible.

Hmm, purple...pink...might be a dynamite look in camo...just a thought

1:57 PM  
Blogger Dwight Brown said...

"Hmm, purple...pink...might be a dynamite look in camo...just a thought"

With a Kalishnikitty logo on the stock, perhaps?

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! Kinda like a Barbie Blaster!

6:46 PM  
Anonymous homebru said...

Sounds like a shotgun version of the "bARbie-15".


8:32 PM  
Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

I second the "Please keep us updated"...

I'd think that the wooden stock and forend would be easier to redo, if she later decided she wants it another color.

However, Krylon Fusion spray paints supposedly bond with the plastic, so it should be fairly durable. And they have it in pink. No purple, though. Fusion Mystic Prism is pretty cool, though. You might see how she likes that...

Krylon main website.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Zendo Deb said...

First off, NO pistol grip.... leads to bad shooting and bad habbits.

Don't think paint - think high-tech coatings

Like the Pink AR for example from Chameleon Weaponry.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've come across your blog several times while Googling for firearms-related things. I'm glad I found this post. I just purchased a Westernfield M550CR 20 gauge shotgun from the local pawn shop, and I need to do the exact opposite of what you did: it came with a youth-sized stock, and I need to replace it with a normal length of pull one. I was wondering if you still had your original stock, and if you would be willing to part with it. I would have e-mailed you but I cannot find an address on your site to do so. You can reply to me at bill AT youfailit DOT net.


4:10 AM  

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