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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Xavier's Quickie S&W Price Calculator

Here is my quickie S&W price guide that I use in pawn shops and at gun shows if I do not have a Blue Book handy. It's based on the Model 10's usual selling price in the same condition. If a Model 10 gets $200 in your area, then start with $200 instead of $150. I adjust out that starting point to compensate for condition. For example, a beater Model 10 starts me at $100-120. A cherry one might be $175. This calculator will generally get me within $25 of a blue book price.

S&W Revolver,.38 special-----$150
.357 Magnum --------------ADD $50
Adjustable sights --------ADD $25
Stainless steel ----------ADD $25
Pinned and recessed ------ADD $25
Snubbie-------------------ADD $25
J frame ------------------ADD $25

Thus, in my area, a 4 inch Model 66 will run $250-275.

Note that barrel lengths such as rare 5 inch barrels, 5 screw frames, target triggers and such are not included. I do not consider these types of variations in calculations because they do not usually make a big price difference overall in the marketplace. There are exceptions, of course, and they are often the deciding points of whether I will buy. These variations are frequently the reason I like a particular gun over other examples. The variations just don't seem to make a huge difference in common, non-collector pricing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Xav, what's a decent price on the Airweight .38 Special snubbies?

11:24 PM  
Blogger Xavier said...

The Model 38 Airweight (a bodyguard frame in aluminum) generally goes for $200-250 depending on condition. The newer Air Lite guns, I'm not so sure on.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Tam said...

"I do not consider these types of variations in calculations because they do not usually make a big price difference overall in the marketplace."

That's why your name & number aren't on a business card in my wallet.

That's right: we dealers have a list of people we call when that flat-latch 49 with diamonds comes in, and it most likely never makes it to the showcase.


Now that I've let out the secret, I'd better go lock my doors.


5:47 AM  
Blogger Xavier said...

Keep in mind, Tam, that I would use this formula on a gun already in that display case. The variations listed are the ones a pawnbroker has a good general feel for, and uses to turn over collateral. I've yet to meet a pawnbroker with the SCS&W, although they all have the Blue Book.
If the price is high, it can alert me to investigate why, same if it is low. In all honesty, I do not believe I would pay double a gun's worth to get a rare variation. I know some folks will, so I will likely never see that flat latch 49, unless it lands in one of my favored pawn shops. If it does, I hope they don't mark it down to much because of that "Chinese replacement latch". ;] That being said, I don't blame dealers one bit for having that list of collectors to call. Business is business.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

One thing I will note, however, is that 3" K's, L's, and N's seem to command premiums (at least at gun shows and gun stores...)

They probably all know I want them badly, and price 'em accordingly. ;)

11:03 AM  

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