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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Alito Show

Suck Eggs TeddyWell, I have to say something. After all, he is known as "Machinegun Sammy" by the Brady Bunch. I suppose my comments don't really have to be informed or actually intelligent for this matter.

Judge Samuel Alito will be confirmed. He has the votes. He is behaving like a man who knows he has the votes. It is going to happen. Fat politicians from liberal gun hating states with draconian laws regarding the Second Ammendment cannot stop it from happening. Back in October I wrote a piece on Alito. As expected, Ted Kennedy and Dianne Feinstein are both flopping around like a cottonmouth on blacktop after it's tail has been run over by a logging truck. Their efforts tell the discerning listener more about themselves than about Samuel Alito.

If you want to read intelligent commentary about this disgraceful dog and pony show, it's out there. I'm just watching it with a wry smile, like "Machinegun Sammy" himself, seeing it for the futile histrionic display it is.

Edited to add: Machinegun Sammy is a shooter. More......


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