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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Carnival of Cordite #42

The carnival is back in town! Our long wait is over! Carnival of Cordite #42 is finally up.

Congradulations to Gullyborg and Gullybabe on their joyous wedding!
I recall the one, most valuable piece of advice I recieved from my best (married) friend before my wedding. He told me to memorize three sentences. "You're right. I was wrong. It will never happen again." If a fellow can say that and go on about his business, the union will be a long lived and happy one. All the best to you kids! At least she got some shoes on him!


Anonymous Grampa said...

Three more...

"Yes, Dear."
"Whatever you say, Dear."
"Anything your little heart desires, Dear."

9:19 PM  

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