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Friday, January 27, 2006

Gun Show Day One

The doors of the "Boating and Outdoor" show opened today at noon. I made time between patients, and arrived at 11:45. I found Cussin' Bob waiting at the door. Bob had a Mini-14 Folder slung on his shoulder. Bob groused a bit about how he should have sold it a couple of years ago. I had to agree. The ladies stamping hands made us and several more early birds wait until exactly noon to enter. Unfortunately, Bob got hung up with the uniformed officers who were still waiting on a bunch of zip ties for entering weapons. I abandoned Bob to his fate and headed to the West wall inside.

The funk of newly unpacked cosmoline and mothballs was heavy in the air. One of the big sellers was on that aisle, with 12 tables of new firearms. Among other guns he had a Colt NRM Commander in blue for $649. He had a Colt Defender with the low profile rear sight for $749, and an XSE Government for $799. He also had a Colt NRM Government in stainless for $710, and hidden among all these new guns I spotted a mint Police Positive in .38 special for $349.

I kept moving. I waded through a few tables of Chi Com rifles, and beater shotguns. I was on a Smith & Wesson K-22 quest. When I reached Cowboy Bob's table at the back of the auditorium, I found some interesting stuff. Cowboy Bob had two Colt Trooper III's, both in .22 Long Rifle, as well as his usual Pythons, S&W K frames, and Colt SAA revolvers. One of the Troopers had a box. Bob was wanting $450 for that one. The other Trooper did not have a box, but was otherwise in prime shape. Bob was wanting $400 for the boxless Trooper. Who the hell needs a $50 box? Not me. I asked Cowboy Bob if he would take the boxless Trooper off the table for a dollar a minute. Bob agreed. I gave Bob $10 up front, and the revolver was placed under the table.

I hurriedly walked through the show and made sure no S&W K-22s were on any other tables. I saw a Model 18-4, but it was priced at $500. No way Jose'! I went out to the car and consulted my Blue Book and grabbed my bore light (I had forgotten it). I saw Bob's .22LR Trooper was priced at the top of the spectrum, but I considered two things. First, it was a .22 caliber gun. That makes it cheap to shoot and less prevalent than the .357 Trooper. Next, Colt just announced they will make no more revolvers. The time is right to buy Colt Revolvers.

When I made it back to Bob's table, the boxed Colt Trooper had already been purchased. Bob told me he would apply my $10 to the price if I bought the other Trooper. Good Deal. I performed Jim March's Revolver Checkout and asked Bob straight out if he would take $350 for it. He countered $380. We settled on $365. That worked for me, as that was about what the Blue Book stated it was worth.

The Colt Trooper has the weight and feel of the Colt Python. It sports the Eliason rear sight with a plain rib terminating in a pinned ramp front sight. The blue is deep and lusterous, every bit as beautiful as my Python. The cylinder is recessed, and closes with the heavy Colt thunk.

True, this Trooper is not a K-22, but it is a finely crafted .22 Long Rifle revolver none the less. If cared for, it's value will only increase. Unfortunately, I had to continue seeing patients, and I was not able to go by the range to shoot it today. I'm still in the market for a K-22, at the right price, of course. This .22 Colt wheelie will keep me happy until I find that K-22 though.

Tomorrow, I will go back to the show. I still have some rat hole money, but I also have an XD9 that needs to find a new owner. There should be a few more dealers with tables in the morning, a lot more floor walkers selling guns, and a bunch of friends to see.

Colt Trooper III Range Report



Blogger rbshaw said...

Hey,It feels almost like I got to
go to a gun show.Thanks,you made my day.

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I went to a gun show in the PRM (People's Republic of Mass.) and had good time. Thanks to you, I know a lot more about S&W revolvers and buying in general. I saw a Model 10, in far worse condition than the one I bought in the fall, for about twice the price. I saw a Victory Model Revolver for around $500.00, but I'm not a collector so I passed. Lot's of guns, but mostly at inflated prices.

My friend who came along with me looked at a 10/22 in Stainless. Used, but like new. It was priced for $189.00, but his offer for $175.00 was accepted. At the last minute he backed out. The dealer asked him if I was interested, but at that point I wasn't. It was, however a nice gun.

We bought some ammo and on the way out I stopped back at the table and looked at the 10/22 again. It was calling out to me softly. I caught the attention of another worker there and offered $165.00. To my surprise they accepted my offer. So, now I have two 10/22s. Considering the condition of the gun, inside and out, I think I got a reasonable deal.

Gun shows are a lot more fun when you have some knowledge.

Again, thanks for the tips. I followed them down to putting my money in different pockets.


1:48 PM  
Anonymous Joni said...

Nice find!

8:20 AM  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Awwww-man! You have some great gunshow finds! That was an excellent and entertaining report.

9:46 PM  

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