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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gun Show Day Two

The doors to the gun show reopened this morning at 10 AM. I was right at the front of the line to get back inside. The crowds were out this morning. It was an orgy of gun swapping madness.

One of the more uncommon pistols up for grabs was a Mitchell Gold Series 1911. It appeared to be a very well fitted stainless gun with Bomar sights, an ambi safety, and all the modern bells & whistles, including a tapered barrel/slide lock-up. Unfortunately, the seller was wanting $700.

Another seller had a Colt Peacekeeper. That's right, Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper is a "J" Frame double action Colt, same as the Lawman MKV. It was only produced from 1985-1987. If I remember correctly, it was identical to the Lawman, except for the matte blue finish rather than polished blue. The seller was wanting $375 for it.

At one time I sought out Beretta handguns. There was something about the Italian steel that tripped my trigger back then. I still have a few handguns from Piero. On one of the tables was a Beretta Model 70 in .32ACP, priced at $225. To high, plus I no longer collect the Berettas.

Another pistol at this show, that I just keep going back to, is a Colt Defender. The bull barreled Defender has a stellar record among it's owners. It has a lightweight frame, making it much nicer for carry. This particular early example is just the one I've wanted. It has the low profile sights with a dovetailed front sight, an extended thumb safety, along with a fitted beavertail. It is new with a $749 tag. I would have to do very little to this pistol.......replace the grips, I despise those Hogue wraparounds, and give it a trigger job. Hmmmmmmmmmm....

The one gun that can almost be a standard for judging prices for other guns on a seller's table is the Springfield GI45. If the GI45 prices are fair, it's a good day in gunland. If they are high, expect all the other new gun prices to be high as well. The parkerized Springfield GI 45 Government Models were falling between $425 and $445 today.

Surprisingly, I am still seeing new Colt 1911s below the national price average. A new in box Colt Commander in blue with rosewood grips is selling for $649 at today's show. A stainless Government Model is $710 today. It is as though the Colt price hike of last year never occurred with this particular dealer. Maybe I ought to just go ahead and get one more....

A more interesting 1911 was a Seecamp/Colt Commander. This is a double action cross breed 1911 from the mind of Larry Seecamp. This particular example was an actual Seecamp gun. It has a ramp front sight with an orange insert, a S&W rear sight, the hooked triggerguard, and of course, that bizarre DA frame. The finish was good, even down to red painted areas on the sides of the grip safety. The seller wanted $1100, and he would not budge.

I began to watch the floor walkers. I looked at one fellow's Smith & Wesson revolver, a Model 28 chambered in .44 special. That was interesting.....He was wanting $450 because it was so rare. I let him keep it. Later, a dealer who knows I have a taste for S&W wheelies flagged me over. He had bought the walker's Model 28, tagged it rare, and placed a $600 tag on it. I looked the revolver over, noted that the barrel rollmarks were not centered, and handed it back. I agreed, it's a rare gun. Probably one of a kind. Much to rare for my stable of common wheelies. I expect to see that Bubba special on that seller's table for a few years now.

I kept watching people, eyeballing them for the tell tale ziptied orange tagged private sale gun. Then, at last, near the door, I spotted my private seller. He was carrying a big wheelie with a short barrel. As he left the zip tying table, I called him over with a "Whatcha got there Buddy?" I began to salivate as he revealed a Model 27-2 with a three and a half inch barrel. It had a turn ring, but was otherwise pristine. The ramp sight had a dab of orange painted on it. The gun was pinned and recessed. I inquired as to the price. $400. "Will you take $350" I asked. No way. I handed the gun back, and let the seller walk away. Then I thought better of it. The price was fair. Very fair, actually. I caught back up to the seller, asked to see his revolver again, and did a quick Jim March Revolver Checkout. It was good. I broke out four Franklins, and stuffed my new N frame in my belt.

A hard rain began pounding the roof of the auditorium, so I continued to wander and socialize. The water kept falling, and my belly began to growl, so I finally zipped my jacket over the Smith in my belt, and puddle jumped to my car.

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Blogger rbshaw said...

Another interesting day.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

When you look at a rifle at a show do you close the bolt when done leaving it cocked? Decock the weapon if you can, leave it cocked or dry fire it? I've always wondered what the "proper" sop was. By the way that Colt Defender is sweet.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Xavier said...

I always leave the bolt open, hand it back to the owner and let him decide. ;)

Same with handguns, I always give a firearm to another person with the chamber open, ready for inspection.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Joni said...

That Commander is the one! Those prices don't come around often!

11:17 AM  
Anonymous ned bailey said...


6:49 AM  
Anonymous MIchael said...

I would suggest that if you are going to use the "Jim March revolver check list" on a used revolver, that you find a gunsmith or someone in the know revolver wise to demonstrate for you, and other's, how to check the cylinder timing on a revolver. The timing check as listed on Mr. March's List is not the way to check timing, but a poor mans way of checking bore to cylinder alignment. This is better checked with a range rod or plug designed for this. Timing is a whole different ballgame than what Mr. March has on his checklist. There is a very simple way to check revolver timing, and what is and isn't acceptable on a used revolver after you have checked a few revolvers. Timing does need to be checked out on a used, or for that matter new, revolver. I'm sure it is an honest mistake, but the list does need to be looked at by someone who knows and the "Timing" check rewritten correctly on the list. thanks Mick

10:30 AM  
Anonymous bestairsoftgun said...

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