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Friday, January 20, 2006

Idiots with Guns #15

The purpose of Idiots with Guns is not to humiliate, but to educate. Over the years we have seen photos of people who, upon picking up a gun, just cannot resist pointing it at something they should not, with their finger on the trigger. This is usually the camera, another person, or themselves. These photos are often difficult to google up, because of the pages they are shown on. If you have archived any of these photos, feel free to send them in to bayouroversATjamDOTrrDOTcom

The Four Rules
1. All firearms are loaded
2. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point at anything you are not willing to destroy
3. Keep your finger off the trigger unless your sights are on the target
4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it


Blogger Paul Simer said...

I've seen this one before. It's a fake. There's another version of the video showing them seperately filming the bottle, on a pole, and the guy flinching.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Paul Simer said...

In fact, you can tell it's fake by the slow motion... Where does the top of the bottle go when it should be landing on the guy's head?

Sorry to double post.

The first IwG retraction? :)

12:30 AM  
Blogger Xavier said...

No kidding? Got a link to that? I'll post it!

12:38 AM  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

I think the bottle upper-section goes down behind him when he moves forward flinching from the jet-blast of broken glass that just showered him.
"If you f*k this up I'm gonna kill you, seriously" - Oh yeh, how's he gonna do that if he's dead or in a coma?

6:46 PM  
Blogger Paul Simer said...

I searched far and wide, through many a "hot babes on spring break and also some idiots on skateboards" sites, quite a few "OMGWTFBBQ THAT WAS AWESOME" forum posts, as well as the personal livejournal of the author, before I found this:


Note the position of the bottle on the tree, the way the shooter moves in pixel-perfect imitation of the original shoot, and the exactly matching "oooohs" and "aaaahs" coming from off camera.

Granted, it could be a taped rehearsal run, the shooter really could be THAT precise in his form, and the cooing could have been added in by someone against the author, but still... I think this proves that the video is fake as well as can be done on this wide, weird web of ours.

Oh yeah, I also found a marked up frame that someone presented as proof, but I couldn't wrap my sleepy mind around the whistleblower's technical explanation, so I couldn't claim it as definitive proof. Here it is.

Glad to make history, as always... Can't stop the signal!

2:09 AM  

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