A Nurse with a Gun

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Holding Out

Dave still had both the Ruger Security Six and the S&W 686 under the glass, along with a couple of black slide guns.

Nothing new at Neil's place.

Amber had a Burgo revolver, which is about a Rohm level of quality. Made In Germany was inscribed all over it, as though that would cover up the crappy quality. It was .32 cal and priced at $99 with a wobbly ejector rod thrown in for free. I looked it over, and decided to hold on to my money. We have a gun show coming to town in four weeks. Amber hinted that I should check back tomorrow. She cannot say what is coming out of hock, but I doubt she wants me to come back in for my charming personality.


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