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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Shiny Spanish Stuff

I hit the pawn shops today, thinking that I might have missed something during the gun show weekend.
When I walked into Neil's place, he asked about the gun show. I told him he didn't miss much. I wasn't about to tell him about my finds. Neil had sold the Ruger P89, as well as the Sig P220. He had something new in the case, a nickel Astra Constable. I did not check the caliber, I assumed it was in .380ACP. Tonight, I find out that very pistol also comes in .22 Long Rifle. It might be worth a second look. Neil was wanting $199 for the shiny white gripped thing.

Dave had the $300 Colt Army Special back in his case beside the Ruger Single Six. I guess the owner of the Colt had paid a bit on his loan and the gun was taken off the shelf for a while. That is why Dave was mute about where it went. It had gone back into hock.

Amber still had her Walther TPH, and a couple of Glocks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you can find one, an old FIE Miami model 22LR semi-auto is nice. Has a decocker and a manual trigger safety. It looks quite similar to that one, sort of a PPK look-a-like. They'll hold 10-11 rounds, are solidly reliably, and very easy to strip, as they're simply made. Accuracy is fine, no problems hitting cans at 20 ft. EAA continued to make them under a different name after FIE folded and still has the manual on their website. They were less than $200 new, so they used price should be even less.

2:46 AM  

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