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Friday, January 27, 2006

UHC LESOFT-904 Government AirSoft Pistol Review

First the video.........

Damn, it looks like that guy is having fun with an accurate representation of a 1911 doesn't it?
I placed my order for this airsoft pistol to Pyramid Air on January 21. On January 26, Fed Ex began leaving notes on my front door. It seems the folks at Pyramid Air thought they were shipping a firearm, and they required an adult signature. I wasn't going to hang around all day waiting on the Fed Ex guy, and I finally told him on the phone that he could just send the package back. He was willing to work with me after that, but honestly, I wish he had returned the package.

Now here is what you don't see in the video.........
The LESOFT-904 by NeonFire-UHC is made of plastic. I was expecting plastic, but not the cheapest plastic extruded in Taiwan. I expected the polymer to be more substantial than a floppy disk. It is not. In fact, I would not be surprised if old floppy disks were melted down to make this thing.

The video shows a cocked hammer. The hammer does not cock. The hammer is molded in place, and the slide slides over it. The thumb safety does go up, and it does block the trigger. The instructions, however, tell you not to test the system by pressing the trigger with the thumb safety up. The instructions explicitly state that doing so will break the pistol.

The video shows an ejection port opening when the guy racks the slide. There is no ejection port on this pistol at all. It's a molded in decoration.

The video shows a magazine that is the size of a 1911 mag. The magazine on this thing is a skinny tube that falls out the bottom of the pistol frequently. The magazine release is just a molded on decoration, the tube is held in by friction. I shot six magazines of ammo through this thing, and the magazine fell out every time.

The video cleverly hides the fact that the slide must be racked for each and every shot. I was expecting that, but why conceal the fact?

When the shooter is down to his last six pellets, he must invert the pistol and rack the slide upside down to get them to feed. I can understand why they concealed that little tidbit.

I was hoping that at least the grips might be removable, so I can install real grips. They are, in fact, removable, but they are hollow, and hide weights on the frame of the pistol. Real grips can be screwed on, but you will have to discard the weights. Then the pistol feels like crap in your hands. Oh, by the way, it does not weigh the same as a Government model, not even close, no way no how.

All of these faults might be acceptable if the pistol was accurate. I loaded up the pistol and shot at the sticky target from ten feet away. TEN FEET! My groups were six inches wide. Six inch groups at ten feet. Now I'm no bullseye shooter, but I can do better than that with a .22 caliber zip gun I made out of a television antenna! With this kind of dismal accuracy, a cat would chuckle instead of run from my front porch.

So, my conclusions are the UHC Airsoft 904 is shoddily constructed.
The UHC Airsoft 904 is inaccurate to the point of being worthless.
The UHC Airsoft 904 is falsely advertised in this video.

I would return this junk to Pyramid Air. However, shipping is $8.92. Pyramid Air does not refund shipping costs. So, I would be $17.84 in the hole just trying to return a $18.90 turd. Then, Pyramid Air would charge a restocking fee of at least 15%. That's an additional $5.96.

I guess they got me. It's a shame. I ordered my IZH 46M from Pyramid Air and have been absolutely thrilled with it. I will not order another product from Pyramid Air. I will simply continue to shoot this piece of crap and see how long it takes to tear it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that money would have been better spent on ammo.

9:46 AM  
Blogger bitstreamer said...

I've got an Airsoft SW1911 that exhibits none of the issues you described. I got it after doing a whole lot of research about various Airsoft products. It's made of high quality heavy plastic and metal parts, which makes it quite hefty so that it feels like a real 1911. The hammer cocks back, has a good trigger with no creep, and the 12 shot magazine works flawlessly without any inversion. I believe the Airsoft SW1911 is one of the most well made and highest rated models available, and it's not cheap at $60, but it's an example of what Airsoft products are really capable of. I've got the same target as you, and at 10 feet I can bullseye the target easily every time. That's actually a problem since after a few rounds the bullseye will be covered with pellets and any subsequent shots will bounce off the stuck pellets. Therefore, I have to move the target further back so that I can shoot longer without having to clean up the target. Also the SW1911 is extremely powerful. It will easily crack rigid plastic cups and slice through cardboard. I tried shooting my metal mesh trash can and it left a substantial dent in it. My favorite ad hoc target is setting up a big cardboard box filled with foam peanuts (you needs lots so that the pellet doesn't exit the box) and tilting it at an angle so that I can shoot into it while stitting and watching TV. A bunch of online retailers sell this model, and if you seach the various sites and read the reviews you'll see that this model definately doesn't dissapoint.

9:33 PM  
Blogger bitstreamer said...

Just a clarification to my previous post. I didn't mean to say that the SW1911 weighed as much as a real 1911, just that it's much heavier than other Airsoft products, and better approximates the feel of a 1911. A lot of this weight comes from the use of a full size heavy metal magazine that feels heavier than 4-5 real 1911 magazines. The grip lanels look like they're removable, but I can't test this as the grip screw slots are too thin for my driver bits to fit.

9:52 PM  
Blogger carnaby said...

I got a replica Beretta 92 for $20 from cheaperthandirt. It was superb. Good quality, hammer cocked, magazine was full size Beretta mag, good trigger, ejection port, holding it next to my inox 96, the thing was nearly identical.

I think the accuracy was good, can't remember, it was a present for a buddy who lives in canada. It hurt like a bastard when I got my wife to shoot me in the gut with it. I was impressed.

9:54 AM  
Blogger 303BRIT said...

There are vast quality diffrences in airsoft. The video is from Shorty not Pyramid. the guns are not the same. I have a Airsoft Smith and Wesson 4506 made by Cybergun, and it is very accurate at about 15 - 20 feet.
The Neofire UHC's ARE crap but not all of the inexpensive airsoft are.
The KWC guns are not bad at all.

True you do have to pull back the slide for each shot.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Jay G said...

"Six inch groups at ten feet."

Hell, I can get 3" groups with my son's Nerf six-shooter at 14 feet...

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you really want an airsoft pistol to replicate in firing, looks, weight, interchange ability with the real thing, no lies;; go for a Western Arms 1911... i wont say which because western arms LOVES to make 1911s o_o

I have a WA wilson combat compact supergrade, yes, with all the trades and details down to the way that the gun works

WA guns come plastic, but not a floppy disk, more like zytel;; there are custom kits that allow transfer to a all alum/steel frame and slide

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we have a misunderstanding. The gun you reviewed is not the same gun as the one in the video. im not sure if the one you bought was falsely advertised or maybe it was a different version but try ordering that gun from shortyusa.com. i have seen this gun, my friend owns it, and it is pretty good. If you check some airsoft forums, it is even said that this is the best $20 pistol you can buy. This gun is a exact replica of a spring pistol from Tokyo Marui and Tojyo Marui carry the best spring pistols around and UHC's gun are really good. Trust me, order one from shortys and you will not be dissapointed. (i hope you see this post)

6:26 PM  
Anonymous DEF223 said...

The UHC 1911 in the video is the UHC Heavy Weight model 961. The 904 is an earlier model that is no longer made by UHC. I have the model 961 UHC 1911 and it is every bit the gun demonstrated in the video. I love it! By the way, if you watch the video closely you will see the shooter racking the slide after each shot - they were not hiding this necessity!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Kaelyn said...

Have recently gifted airsoft gun from ToyRaptor to my son, he's so happy with it.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous airsoft pistols said...

Powerful and accurate. Great for firearm education/training and target shooting.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Airsoft Spring Tactical Air Pistol UHC said...

Airsoft guns are just awesome, they are powerful and the performance is also very good.

11:44 PM  

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