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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Attractions & Distractions at the Gun Show

Cussin' Bob ambled up through the freezing drizzle to where I was shivering and waiting for the gun show ticket window to open this morning. Bob had a Mini-14 with a folding stock slung over his shoulder to trade off once inside. After a frigid wait outside staring forlornly at the organizers drinking hot coffee inside, we were finally allowed into the warmth of the gun show.

I was on a mission to find a K-22 an affordable K-22. I quickly saw that the non-gun craft stuff had been consigned to the West wall. I turned East. I had collected some cash from outstanding debts, and if there was a .22 caliber Smith wheelie up for grabs, I wanted a chance at it. I came to the show with enough cash to buy several decently priced S&W wheelies.

One of the first revolvers that stopped me was a little I frame Smith & Wesson Model of 1903 2nd Change in .32 Long. It was missing most of it's blue on the barrel, but otherwise, it looked correct. Unfortunately, the seller had the optimistic price of $235 hanging from the triggerguard. I put it down and kept moving.

Of the other Smith & Wesson revolvers I noted, I saw a flat latch Model 38 for $325, and a C serial Model 10-5 with diamond magnas for $195. Both were a little rough, just falling beneath nice looking. On another table I found a Model 36 for $300, and a Model 60 for $379.

On the way back up the aisle I stepped over to take a look at the little I frame .32 Hand Ejector again. It was nice, but not three Franklin nice. I moved on. Around the corner I found a cut down Victory Model. It had a three inch barrel with a ramp sight, and stag magna grips. The lanyard hole was plugged. The finish was spotty at best. The tag read $325. The seller asked me if I was interested, so I told him it was an interesting gun, I just wasn't sure if I was interested in it. I put it down and moved on.

Then, I came upon the motherlode. I located a Model 17-4 that was pristine. Unfortunately, the seller had it tagged at $550. There was no way I could negotiate him down to my buying price. He also had two beautiful Model 18's in the same case for $495 each. I took a stab at one of the Model 18's and asked the seller if he would take $400. He smiled and said no. Of course, it was to early, being the first 30 minutes of the first day of the show. Nobody was going to negotiate. I continued to walk, watching for a potential private seller.

About the time I found a LNIB Baby Browning with all it's papers for $400, my pager started to beep. I had to find a quiet area and talk a young mother through a crisis with her newborn baby. When I returned to the Baby Browning table, The Baby Browning had been sold. That set the tone for the rest of the day. I found another Victory model, but it was a British .38S&W conversion gun, and priced at $295. I also found a 32-20 Hand Ejector fairly priced at $225. I had resolved not to buy guns in obsolete calibers however. I want guns I can shoot.

My pager continued to notify me of minor events that were cataclysmic crises for my patients. I finally realized that I would be distracted into an expensive mistake, so I resolved to make one more walk through the gun show, and leave empty handed. I walked past the seller with the .22 caliber Smith & Wessons. One of the Model 18s was already gone. I walked out into the freezing cold, and drove off to see my first patient of the day.



Blogger rbshaw said...

the next one will be better.I love
your gun show blogs,I guess you know that!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Capt. Harley said...

I like Colt Jr.'s in .25 cal. better than the Baby Brownings.
You've got the best gun blog around! Thanks, and keep it coming...

9:24 AM  

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