A Nurse with a Gun

Monday, February 20, 2006

Firearm Sales in Louisiana since Katrina

"It's just something that would help me feel a little safer," Jo Petty said as she handled a 9 mm pistol Saturday at the Slidell Gun and Knife Show. "We've always had guns," Dan Petty said. "But the question now is, do we have enough?"

In the three months following Hurricaine Katrina, the population of North Louisiana tripled due to evacuee migration. Those of us who live in North Louisiana saw the shelves of every gun store, every pawn shop empty of shotguns and handguns of any type as evacuees armed themselves to live in refugee camps and eventually return home. New Orleans will never again be the liberal gun grabbing oasis of the South. Unless of course, the residents are grabbing guns to keep.

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