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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Paterson?

The gun appeared to be either number one or number seven of a limited model five-shot revolver called the Texas Model #5, a 1839 Paterson Colt. If it was, they held a gun that Samuel Colt himself could have built with his own hands, a most rare and unique gun, the Holy Grail of the gun world that would command any price they dreamed of.

It has been deemed a fake, but, is it?



Blogger El Sid said...

I get to work on a good many old Colts. I've only taken one Texas Patterson (Holster Model Patterson No.5) apart. It is often difficult to determine from photographs the nuances that can tell fine from forgery - but the writer of the article is very excited indeed.

Samuel Colt was not a gunsmith nor gun builder. He provided design drawings and had gunsmiths make him working guns for prototypes (John Pearson principally), and then hired a factory superintendent (Pliny Lawton) to manufacture a working production gun.
The production run of the No.5 was higher than that of the other Pattersons - it was not a limited edition. The series of about 1000 in it's own number range started in 1838. The Republic of Texas ordered 180 guns in August of 1839 for it's navy so a single digit serial would not likely be one of theirs... The guns later trickled into other Texan armouries and did equip some Rangers.
Castings? The only casting marks I've ever seen in a Colt is in the brass gripframes. The Patterson is all steel.
True - I've never seen it in print, but all the cap and ball Colt's I've ever seen have gain twist rifling. Maybe as a side effect to the equipment used in manufacture or a savvy method to reduce distortion and fouling I can't say. Never seen a clone with gain twist rifling...
Many hundreds of thousands of dollars - nice ones sell in the $65,000 area. Yes, a single digit is usually appreciated but not that much more...
What is that ugly medallion in the grip? Never seen that on Colt one piece wood grips.

My opine is that I'm sceptical.


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