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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Slim Pickings

I stopped by Dave's pawn shop today and found the Iver Johnson Hammerless gone. Hmmmmmm. It seems there might be a suicide special collector somewhere in town. Who else would have wanted that thing? The overpriced Colt Army Special was still languishing under Dave's glass. I refrained from telling Dave that I found the same revolver in much better shape for less money. It will be entertaining to see how long Dave's Colt remains in his case before he discounts it.

Neil had not yet sold his Rough Rider, or the Astra Constable. I noticed that Neil did not have a single television set left in his shop. That was odd.

Amber had finally sold her little Walther. Amber did not have any televisions left either, so I asked if there had been a run on them from one of the hotels. Amber said no, it was a combination of being close to the 3rd of the month and tax return time. I suppose that will make the pickings slim for guns as well.



Anonymous W said...

No TV's=Superbowl weekend.
Everyone wanted to watch the big game:-)

4:48 PM  

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