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Friday, February 03, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Suicide Specials

Neil had placed a Heritage Rough Rider .22 in the handgun case. He was wanting $125 for it. No thanks Neil, on a good day I can find this cheapo SA cowboy plinker new for that. Assuming I wanted one. Neil still had his Astra Constable. It was in .380ACP as I suspected.

Dave had an Iver Johnson Hammerless. It was an odd little revolver, with a safety on the trigger reminiscent of a Glock. Dave had a $125 tag on it, and that placed it above what I am willing to give for a .38S&W chambered gun. It is an interesting pistol though. I just can't cross that bridge into the suicide specials. I might never make it back to respectable guns.

Amber's stock had not changed. She was still trying to get rid of that Walther TPH, and her Glocks still languished on her shelf.

I noticed that the television shelves were empty in all three places, so I asked Amber about that.... it's the third of the month.....



Anonymous Stan da man said...

The IJ hammerless is a POS avoid it.

2:21 PM  

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