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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Valentine's and TV's

I stopped by Dave's shop again today, and the Colt Army Special was gone again with Dave mute about it's fate. Chances are, the owner put twenty bucks on his loan. Dave had a few shotguns and rifles on his rack, but no other handguns.

I drove on to Neil's store. Neil was having a Valentine's Blowout sale on jewelry. He was working the jewelry case like a barker at a carnival. He still had the Rough Rider and the Astra Constable in his gun case. I could see through the doorway at Neil's to the pegboard that held the hocked guns. He still had a Ruger MKII type pistol, as well as a revolver that looked like a Smith & Wesson N frame hanging on the pegs. There were also a couple of black plastic wonder guns hanging there.

I moved on to Amber's place, she had sold her Glock, and her handgun shelf was bare. I noticed that the television shelves were full again.......They had been empty this time last week........What was the deal? Last week Amber told me it was the 3rd of the month and tax return time, so why are they back now I asked........ The answer? The Superbowl is over. Damn. Running a pawn shop must take a lot of patience!



Blogger Porta's Cat said...

Running a pawn shop must take a lot of patience!


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